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Category: My Kids

Failed Escape

Ellery finally figured out to get over the barricade, but her escape was quickly foiled by slippery floors and gravity.

Product Reviews by Audra

Audra wanted to do a “product review” of Warheads Extreme Sour candy.

Baby’s best friend?

This is the most interaction I’ve seen between these two.

Just hanging out


Kendra¬†and I were going through Audra’s tablet, and found this gem from our trip down state around Christmas time. It’s a rough life being 7 in the back seat….

No idea…..

How to keep a baby entertained

Pretty much anything by Baby Einstein is hypnotic to babies. Ellery can’t get enough of these squeaking puppets.

The Popsico

Audra wanted to show me something ‘sooo cool you won’t even believe it’. I present to you, the popsico.