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2016 ABBRx Natural and Fit Day

This is the same meet I did last year where I totaled 1409 @ 285 pounds. Going into this meet, I had several goals. I wanted to set squat, deadlift and meet PRs at a body weight of 275, while totaling around 1460.

I ended up weighing in at 270. Guess I cut back on a few too many eggs over the past couple weeks.

1st – 220 kg (485 lbs) – Good
2nd – 237.5 kg (523.6 lbs) – Good
3rd – 240 kg (529.1 lbs) – Good

I got to the meet at 9 for the rules meeting, and didn’t start lifting until almost noon. They had some issues at the judges table with computers and what not. I moved around as much as possible and stretched, but sitting in bleachers for a couple hours doesn’t exactly help the back, hehe. Wanted to do 529 for my 2nd, but things started tightening up on my left side, so went a bit conservative. I knew it would be a long day, so I didn’t want to kill myself on the first lift.

Bench Press:
1st – 127.5 kg (281.1 lbs) – Good
2nd – 137.5 kg (303.1 lbs) – Good
3rd – 142.5 kg (314.2 lbs) – Miss

I had low expectations for my bench. I really just wanted to get back over 300 in a meet, which I did, so that is good. I kind of got lucky that the front judge didn’t catch the left side of the bar dip, the side judge certainly did. Got away with one there. On the 3rd attempt, I went for 314. I figured that even if I didn’t get it, recording a max attempt in that environment would give me a good idea on what I really need to work on during the next training cycle.

1st – 262.5 (578.7 lbs) – Good
2nd – 275 (606.3 lbs) – Good
3rd – 277.5 (611.8 lbs) – Good

By this time of the day, the groin was less than pleased, but things still moved well. There were two platforms going, so they moved us to the 2nd platform since the women had long since finished. This meant they were doing loading charts and attempts manually. Normally, when you go up to lift you can look up at the screen where info is being projected. I asked for 617 on my 3rd lift, but they loaded it for 611. Didn’t notice until after lifting was done. The guy that went after me asked for 628, which would have been a PR for him, but instead ended up pulling 622. Oh well. These things happen.

This meet last year: 1,409 @ 285 – 361.87 wilks
This meet this year: 1,443 @ 270 – 374.59 wilks

Today was a really good day. I might not have hit my goal for a total, but I did set the PRs I was looking to, and still totaled pretty good. I also took 2nd place in my weight class.

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