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ABBRx Natural and Fit Day

Did my 3rd meet yesterday. It was an interesting one. ABBRx hosts an annual bodybuilding show/fitness expo, and this year they decided to add a USAPL meet to the day’s events.

The setup of the lifting area was nice, in a high school gym so there was bleacher seating so everyone could see what was going on. The warm up area was just the school weight room, which looked like it was recently dredged from the nearby river. Also, the spotters and loaders were volunteers from the local college track and field team, so they had to be instructed and reminded frequently of proper methods.

Anyway, I had two goals. Get a 1,400 total, and hit a 600 lb deadlift. Happy to say, I did both. Side bonus, I went 9 for 9 on my lifts, and I finally benched over 300 in a meet.

451.9 – 485 – 501.6

275.6 – 303.1 – 308.6

529.1 – 273.2 – 600.8

I totaled 1,409 at a bodyweight of 285.

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