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Hi. I’m Kevin, and you may be wondering, “who are you, and why do you have a web site?”

Both very good questions.

To answer the first, I’m 41 years old, husband to a wonderful woman name Kendra, and father to 2 beautiful little girls. Audra is 11 years old, and Ellery is 6 years old. I work full time at the Savant Group as the IT Manager.

To address the second question. Why do I have a web site? Well, domains and hosting are cheap, and I have more free time than an adult ought to. I am interested in a lot of things, but am really only passionate about a few. Those being my family, powerlifting and football (Michigan and the Lions). I figured I would use this as a place to log my workouts, post videos and pictures, and generally use it as a sounding board when I’m frustrated, angry or excited.

That’s pretty much it. Have a look around, if you want to comment on anything, please do. I hope you enjoy your visit!