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Hi. I’m Kevin, and you may be wondering, “who are you, and why do you have a web site?”

Both very good questions.

To answer the first, I’m 37 years old, husband to a wonderful woman name Kendra, and father to 2 beautiful little girls. Audra is 7 years old, and Ellery is 2 years old. I work full time at the Midland Daily News as the IT Manager. It’s not something most boys dream of being when they grow up, but here we are. We have an old black lab named Buck, who is starting to act quite curmudgeonly in his later years, but still shows spurts of puppy-like energy.

To address the second question. Why do I have a web site? Well, domains and hosting are cheap, and I have more free time than an adult ought to. I am interested in a lot of things, but am really only passionate about a few. Those being my family, powerlifting and football (Michigan and the Lions). I figured I would use this as a place to log my workouts, post videos and pictures, and generally use it as a sounding board when I’m frustrated, angry or excited.

That’s pretty much it. Have a look around, if you want to comment on anything, please do. I hope you enjoy your visit!